How Are U.S. Sales Taxes Applied?

If you or your business are based in the United States, you may be charged a sales tax for the services you purchase from Eltris, depending on the regulations in the state where you use them.

Since Eltris offers digital services and products delivered through the web, what we consider use location of our services is the primary address of our customers. The primary address is the one you provided in the client information section during the initial hosting purchase. It is also listed and can be edited in the Account Details section of your Client Area.

Providing correct, complete, and accurate address information is the sole responsibility of the customer.

Since we rely in good faith on the information provided by customers, Eltris won’t be held liable for any additional tax based on a different determination of tax address by a State or local jurisdiction of a court.

Customers may qualify for sales tax exemption if they present to Eltris an exemption certificate. It must be provided on a form approved by the respective state specified by you in the client profile.

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