What to do if I don't recognize a charge on my credit card?

Eltris takes special care in avoiding duplicate or unauthorized charges. All payments towards Eltris can be reviewed by you in your Client Area > Billing section. If there is a charge you do not recognize please mind the following scenarios:

  • Have you purchased anything from Eltris recently and/or in the last few years?
  • If you have an account with Eltris, was it created on your behalf by someone else, like a co-worker or your webmaster, or have you shared your account username and password with a business partner or a friend?

If this is not your case, we will be happy to research further. Please contact your bank to confirm that there was an actual charge by us and prepare the following items to help us identify the payment easier:

  • Last 4 digits of the card;
  • Amount of the payment;
  • Date of the payment.

Once you have the information at hand, contact our customer support for additional assistance.

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