Acceptable Use of Eltris's Email Service

The email service available on Eltris servers is complementary to the website hosting and aims to accommodate standard business communication needs.

Business Email Settings

Since we understand that each business entity has unique needs, we allow you to create an unlimited number of email accounts and each account can store unlimited number of messages, or lower, based on your account’s space availability. We recommend not to exceed the size of 10 GB per mailbox. Please note that reaching 10 GB of email data is not considered a healthy practice since it deteriorates the performance of your mailbox and usually means you store too many old emails, which we strongly recommend you to archive and keep separately if needed.

To ensure that your emails get delivered quickly and efficiently, we have set the acceptable size of any email to 10 MB. If you need to send larger attachments, consider sending them using a cloud storage like Dropbox. If you need to send large emails frequently, consider using a 3rd party email service like Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace.

Based on our experience, we have seen that some clients might become a target of hackers and their email accounts might be bombarded with too many emails within short periods of time. To mitigate the negative effects of such events on your business, we have set a limit on the number of emails received per minute to 20 messages.

Email Service Is Not Suitable for Marketing Campaigns

Our email service is not suitable for intensive marketing communication purposes such as sending cold emails, marketing blast emails, or other bulk emails. We believe such a service requires dedicated resources and interfaces, which are not available on our platform. That is why, to prevent the use of our email service for such purposes, our servers are set to send up to 800 emails per hour from a site, depending on the hosting plan, and each message will be delivered to up to 80 recipients. If you are looking for an email service for marketing campaigns, consider using services like Mailchimp.

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